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Tuition and Studio Policies
Please read the following material carefully, AND print for your future reference.



EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 - Including COVID-19 safety

Tuition is for one 45 Minute weekly lesson, and is recommended for the best overall learning experience.  Should you be interested in a different lesson length please feel free to let me know so we can discuss the options. 


TUITION (based on 45 minute lesson) 

(Other lesson lengths may be available upon request)

$125 per four week month; $155 per five week month.

Families with more than two students enrolled will be given a discount on the third student's tuition.

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE HAS BEEN REDUCED TO $10 PER STUDENT THIS YEAR This fee helps covers  dues for student membership in the Federation of Music Clubs (Lake City Music Makers), recital fees, and other items that help ensure a positive music education experience throughout the year. This fee is due along with your enrollment form, before the first lesson commences. (Returning students will see this fee added to their September tuition billing.) Families with three students enrolled will only be charged two enrollment fees.

Tuition is due by the last lesson of the prior month, before the upcoming month. (Ex: September tuition will be due at the last lesson in August.)  Tuition is to be paid prior to the start of the month's lessons..  Payments made after the 3rd of the month will be considered late, and will be subject to a $20 late fee.  If an unforseen circumstance occurs, please communicate with me so we can work it out. Tuition payments may be made by check or cash, Venmo or CashApp.  There are no credits/refunds accept as noted in Attendance section. 

As the teaching schedule may be quite full, it may not be possible to make changes in your lesson time during the year for sports, etc.  I will do my best to accommodate these needs, but please take this into account when considering adding other activities to your child’s schedule. 

ATTENDANCE:  Regular attendance for scheduled lessons will help ensure steady and enjoyable progress.  Understandably, times may arise that cause us to have to alter our regular lesson schedule.  Below outlines the policy regarding such absences:

If I must cancel a lesson for any reason you will be offered a makeup in one of the following forms

1) Rescheduling the lesson time for another time in the week.

2) If scheduling allows -  Increasing the length of lessons over the next few weeks (no less than 10 or 15 minutes added over 2 or 3 lessons.)

3) Conducting a makeup lesson online via FaceTime or another online option that works for both of us.

4) Student records their songs and sends me recordings of songs along with video or pictures of any written work that was assigned.  I can then view and critique the performance, as well as help with any corrections that need to be made on written work.

Any period of serious illness - God forbid - will be handled as close to these guidelines as possible, with patience and understanding, that we indeed do live in a world where things around us - including health can change quickly.  

STUDENT CANCELLATIONS:  With at least 24 hours notice it may be possible to make a trade or otherwise reschedule a missed lesson, but cannot be guaranteed.   "No shows" or "forgotten" lessons are not eligible for makeup lessons. Otherwise, options for the missed lesson will be the same as when I have cancelled a lesson.  

Each student will be allowed ONE absence per school year may be credited without a makeup procedure.    

HOLIDAYS: Students may cancel up to TWO lessons during Christmas break, and ONE during Spring break with no charge.  Lessons will not be scheduled on Thanksgiving or the Friday after.   No other cancellations will be credited, except for the annual excused absence.  I realize homeschool families or year-round students may need some allowances to scheduling.

SUMMER:  I encourage students to continue in the summer to help avoid the ‘rusties’ in the fall, and often summer is a very productive time for lessons.  I am very flexible in regard to lesson frequency in summer, but request that students attend as many lessons as possible. This will also assure your placement in the fall schedule.  Tuition will be billed according to the number of lessons we are able to schedule.  Payment is expected monthly in advance as usual, and 24 hours notice for cancellations is necessary in order to be eligible for make up lessons.  

HOW THE STUDIO IS CLEANED::  For everyone's comfort, the studio is cleaned daily.  The piano keys are disinfected before each student's lesson..  All pencils, music stand, etc. is sanitized.  Students are welcome to bring their own pencil if they prefer.  Hand sanitizer is available in the piano room for student/parent use.  Masks are not required in my home but you are free to wear one if you wish.  The restroom is cleaned after each use as well.  I take my temperature before beginning the days' teaching schedule.  If your child is running a fever, please let me know and we will make arrangements for a makeup by one of the methods mentioned above.



For instrumental students an adequate instrument is essential.  Acoustic Pianos or High Quality Electronic Keyboards with standard 88 touch sensitive keyboards are best for piano lessons.  High quality electronic keyboards with 72 keys are generally acceptable for keyboard lessons. (If you have further questions about instruments please feel free to call me.) Local music stores, or online stores can help with sizing, renting or purchasing violins.

A average of FIVE DAYS OF PRACTICE PER WEEK for approximately 30 minutes is expected to ensure steady and rewarding progress. Sometimes beginners require slightly less time.  As students advance (usually level 4 or higher) or if a student needs more intensive attention, lesson and/or practice time may need to be increased.

Please take a moment to glance at your child's ASSIGNMENT BOOK each week. (If we are doing virtual lessons, I will email you assignment notes detailing the next week's assignment.)  You will find it helpful to use the PRACTICE RECORD provided.   Please keep and eye on your email inbox - as most of my communication comes through email.  Of course,  please free to call me to discuss any concerns or questions you might have.


I use a broad variety of curriculum which and strive to tailor materials to match each student’s ability, maturity and personality.  As students progress their need for educational material increases as well.  The early level students generally require approximately $60-worth of materially annually.  Intermediate and advanced students may need an average of $70-$90 worth of material.  Of course, this depends on the student’s progress and personal interests/tastes.  Early level string students will probably require a little less material.

Usually, I will be able to purchase music for you.   I will reflect music charges as part of your monthly billing statement. .There may be times where  I may send you to Amazon, etc. to purchase your music directly.

Please be sure your child brings ALL materials to each and every lesson.  

Voice students need some method of recording material at their lessons.  Many bring a  smart phone to record.  Often I can also email accompaniments, etc. as an audio file.


There will be several activities during the year including:  (COVID-19 may affect these event.)

Christmas Recital

Federation’s Festival in February (scheduled for in-person 2022 - in Gainesville)

State Festival in May

Spring Recital in May

These events are totally optional, but I strongly urge all students to take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.  My recitals are informal in nature, and I choose non-competitive events to help students gain confidence and feel as comfortable as possible when performing.

All students are junior members of the National Federation of Music Clubs (Music Makers of North Central Florida) and are encouraged to participate in Festival Auditions (February), and State Festival in May.   You will receive details information about Festival in the fall. 

Thank you for your confidence in me as your child's music teacher.  I look forward to a fun and rewarding year as we work together.  Please feel free to contact me via phone/text at 407-415-8230 or email at LCMusicMaker@gmail.com anytime with questions you might have.  I will do my best to return your call within 24 hours!

(References available upon request)