Lake City Music Maker Studio, Genie Harris, Private Music Instructor of Piano, Voice and Violin in Lake City, Florida
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Lake City Music Maker Studio - Genie Harris,  Private Instructor


Are you considering Music Lessons for your child?  If so, you are making a wise choice!  Research today demonstrates how the study of the arts is vital to the intellectual, creative, emotional and social well-being of children.  Reading and math scores are especially favorably affected by music study.  Music students tend to have increased attention spans, less behavioral issues and increased self-confidence.

My musical background and philosophy of  Music Education 

I began my study of music at age five, and have been teaching for over 45 years.  I teach piano, violin, voice, organ, cello, guitar and music theory. I graduated from Colorado Christian University.  I have participated in church orchestras,  worship teams, show orchestras, and have served as a church pianist/accompanist for over 45 years.  My husband and I currently participate in the Florida Worship Choir and Orchestra, and serve in our local church.  I have been a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs, and the Florida Federation of Music Clubs.  My passion is playing and teaching -- I love it!

I believe we have a creative God who made us in His image and therefore, we are creative beings.  As educators and parents, we are constantly looking for avenues to encourage our children to develop their skills and talents. Music can often serve as a child's path to learn, explore, create and serve.  Although most music students might not become professional musicians, developing the skills and discipline required to learn and communicate through music will add richness to his/her life that will continue well into adulthood.

Perhaps you're an adult beginner or returning to lessons after an extended break.  Music helps with concentration, relaxation, learning new skills, memory, dexterity/flexibility of the hands.  Most of all - it's simply fun and enjoyable.  It's never too late to start (or pick music back up!)

More and more research is showing us how vital studying the arts is to the intellectual, creative, and emotional well being of children. As more and more school systems are dropping the arts from their curriculum, and as we are dealing with affects of COVID-19, it is important that parents recognize the vital role that music can and should have in our children’s education.  Private music instruction is a way to fill the void.

I believe music lessons should be fun.  The curriculum I use is contemporary, fresh, and written alongside students for their insight and feedback.  In addition to learning to play songs, I include study of music theory, technique, flashcards, sight-reading, ear-training, composition, transposition, harmony, duets, accompanist techniques, and contemporary musical styles, as students progress.  Many of these elements are included in the early years of study.  I have found that students love the variety and enjoy feeling they are becoming more musically independent as they progress.

To learn more about my program please call me at on my cell at 407-415-8230, or email me at  I would enjoy talking with you further and answering any questions you might have.  (References are available upon request.)

Thank you!

Genie Harris