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Performance Opportunities


The National Federation of Music Clubs sponsors “Festival”.  This organization is over 100 years old and boasts thousands of Junior Clubs throughout the country.  It exists to help preserve and perpetuate the appreciation of music, especially American-composed music. Also, many scholarships are awarded each year to upper level winners at the State level.  Over a thousand students from Florida participate in Festival, performing on various instruments and singing. 

I am very pleased with the experience my students and I have had with Festival.  The events run smoothly, even through unforeseen changes:  judges may run behind, room assignments may be adjusted, etc.; everyone seems to handle it all in stride, particularly when handling students.    The judges are professional and well-qualified, yet warm and encouraging to young performers.

Also, check out their website:  www.ffmc-music.org 


Students are given opportunity to choose from various Events, i.e., Solos, duets, folk songs, hymns, theory, sight-playing… the list goes on and on.  I will discuss with you and your child what Events I believe would be best to participate in.   I WOULD LIKE ALL PARTICIPANTS TO CONSIDER THEORY AND SIGHT PLAYING EVENTS!  Two time choices will be offered during the Festival day to those participating in Theory tests

Students play two songs (memorized, except for hymn events) for each Performing Event.  I will decide the appropriate level for your child, and give you and your child opportunity to voice preferences from the songs listed in the Bulletin for the Required selection.   

In addition to the Required number, a Choice number also must be performed.  It must not be in the Bulletin.  (I won't bore you with more rules!  Just know that I will help guide you every step along the way.)   


The event is held in Gainesville on the University of Florida campus, music building in early February. You will be given a specific time to perform (the schedule comes in January).  This will likely NOT involve all day! Both songs are performed for a judge (another teacher involved in Federation) in a private audition.  Judging sheets are returned to me, and I will have them for you  

There are four possible scores to earn: 

Superior; Excellent; Good; Fair. Students who earn Superior are eligible and encouraged to attend State Festival in the spring, early May (Location: University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL)  I will give you more details on this after District Festival.  Of course, you are not required to attend State Festival, even if your child receives a Superior, but it is an EXCELLENT experience!  Just listening to other advancing students can inspire reaching for higher goals and greater enjoyment as students continue their musical studies. 

Additionally, students earn point for their performance in each event entered. (Gold Cup Trophy Program):

Students earn points for their Festival Ratings:  Superior = 5 points; Excellent = 4 pts; Good = 3 pts; Fair - 2 pts.  Once a student earns 15 points in one event they receive their first Gold Cup.  This is an attractive trophy, and I present them at Spring Recital to students who have reached their 15-point goal that year.

Points must be earned in each category, and cannot be combined in order to reach the 15 points needed. In other words, it would take three years of superior ratings in a single event in order to earn the first gold cup. This is wonderful incentive to keep learning and entering!

Please ask any questions you have OR email me as soon as you have made a decision.  The sooner I know, the sooner I can select music, and your child can begin preparing.  February will be here before we know it!  Entry form will be online as soon as I have final information from FFMC.